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"I have grown more personally and professionally throughout the years of my career.

Over the past few years, I started thinking about not only perfecting my craft but also what I can do to create a more sustainable working environment, especially in the hospitality industry."

"Starting in 2021, I will be presenting projects to improve the causes that need attention and action, such as mental illness, suicide prevention, and sustainability."

Chef Daniel's new book is now available!

In February 2021, he finally launched his first ORALIS series to bring all his past experiences together and raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention to support Lifeline Korea.

In this book, he shares the entire process and stories about the project, design, techniques, and the essence of each dish and beverage he created.

The book also presents his thrilling vision and goals to continue to impact the hospitality industry and his passion for fire-based cooking and unique beverages.

Get your ORALIS book today!





Photos: First Oralis event to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention   l   2021.02.22 -23   l   Seoul, Korea

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