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Seoul, Korea


Head Chef

I started off at restaurant Evett as Head of Research and development. We traveled all over South Korea looking for new products and ingredients, studying the history of their fermentation and preservation as well.
A few months passed by and I was promoted to head chef, heavily working on and creating dishes for our menu. I feel we have created something special here and will continue to do so.


Copenhagen, Denmark

New Nordic

Chef de Partie


Led by the incredibly talented Nicolai Nørregaard and Kyumin Hahn.

I was privileged enough to be able to work with and be taught by these chefs.

Working on the fire section gave me the opportunity to work with some incredible ingredients cooking over the hearth.
Kadeau’s and Nic’s style taught me a new way to see food, one that I feel is in a more artistic format. From foraging to preserving there were many valuable skills learnt at this stunning place. 


Sydney, Australia

Modern Australian 

Chef de Partie/Pastry Chef


This restaurant and the team here taught me more than I ever could have imagined.

Daniel Puskas and Aaron Ward are exceptional leaders and are the most passionate and humble chefs I know.

To me, this is the perfect Restaurant. I was in the pastry section for most of my time there, while also learning to make bread and work on the small garden at the back of the restaurant.


Sydney, Australia

Contemporary Australian

Chef de Partie


I have never worked with a team of such incredibly talented chefs as much as this restaurant. Sam Miller, the hardest working chef I have seen, an incredible and formidable leader. I was on the snack section and pastry during my time here. There was always a lot to do and so much more to be learnt. Spending a lot of other times foraging around Sydney for native herbs and coastal plants. The food was something unique and the people I worked with there still inspire me now.


Sydney, Australia


Chef de Partie

Cooking with an open fire is the most primal and exhilarating experience I was fortunate enough to have. Coming in the morning and lighting the first flames for the day. Lennox Hastie is a master of his craft. Getting to work side by side with him over the grill watching and learning about the attention to detail of every aspect of what's happening around us. Making and trying to control the charcoal from each unique wood whilst almost caressing the ingredients over the heat is an intense experience.

“You are not in control, the fire is” - Lennox


Hobart, Australia

Global Eclectic


The restaurant and people that inspired me to be the best that I could be.

Focusing on Tasmanian produce and seasonality with minimal intervention but taking inspiration from all around the world was the eye-opener for what I would have to do in the future. Luke Burgess and William Gleave taught me so much. It was the building blocks of my skills as a chef. From making sourdough, pasta, pastry, charcuterie, vinegar, and an incredible amount of ferments, To cooking with a charcoal grill and wood oven. 

Photo credit: @restaurantevett @feinschmeckeren @sixpenny_au @firedoor_surryhills @silvereye_restaurant @lukeburgess77
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